School food

Dear Editor, Food powers the mind, and that power is essential to a college student. I am a freshman at this University and the food has greatly disappointed me. The prices are outrageous, and quality of the food is poor. I have met with people in the food department to speak out about my concerns and was brushed off. This is a very important subject to many students on campus, but we find it useless to do anything about it. I believe it is unfair to charge students such high prices just because the students have no choice but to eat on campus. I am constantly disappointed in the food and how it is prepared. Hopefully, Western Carolina University’s main goal is to please the students and make the parents happy. The prices of the food do not match the quality. I believe it would be beneficial to the University to make changes in the food services for next semester. Lowering the prices would be greatly appreciated by the students and parents.Thank you,

Cassie Fry