Maybe you should start a “Naughty Aughties ” Nook- commentary of weekly review. For instance:

2004 (Another Year of the Naughty Aughties)

Reflecting on this year, 2004, one can’t help but to conclude that many “naughty” things have happened. So many, that it would only be natural to start referring to this decade as the “Naughty Aughties”. Almost every facet of entertainment, sports, politics, economics and everyday living has been touched by this notion. What other decade could Hollywood make a movie called the “Meet the Fockers” number one or a car manufacturer market a vehicle called a HUMMER?

A brief recap of this year alone includes the Superbowl’s half-time show with Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake, the brawl at the Detroit Pistons and Indiana Pacers game, Giambi admitting to steroid use, lack of an NHL season, Ashlee Simpson’s lipsynching on SNL, Dan Rather running an unconfirmed story filled with misinformation, Martha Stewart going to jail. The shortage of flu shots and Florida being hit by three hurricanes adds to the list. Let’s not forget politics. What about Ohio’s claim that the paper ballots were not made on heavy enough paper, Schwarzenegger winning the governor seat, people actually campaigning for his possible future presidential nomination, Bush’s cabinet desertion and the Ukrainian election scandal.

Highlights of previous years of the Naughty Aughties yield such things as the ENRON and TYCO accounting practices, false stories written by “journalist” Jayson Blaire, Pete Rose admitting to gambling and Brittany Spears making out with Madonna. Bill Clinton can be considered as the usher to the Naughty Aughties with the blue dress. Kind of reminiscent of the old song “Devil with the Blue Dress On”.

I’m sure the reader could add to these lists but keep in mind, the purpose of the “Naughty Aughties” is for the lighter side of shortcomings. Obviously, there has occurred tragedy that has never seen the light of day until this decade of which no one should ever take lightly.

Naughty Aughties is the most appropriate nomenclature for this decade. Not only does the phrase summarize the decade’s character, but it also gives the time period an identity that locates it chronologically. Even now, when one says Generation X or Generation Y, I have a difficult time actually referring to the exact years. But with naught meaning zero and aught meaning zero, it should not leave too much doubt in anyone’s mind.

Soon, the entertainment industry will be marketing compilations of music, videos, calendars, etc that were produced in this decade and unlike titles such as “Music from the 70’s” and the “Heartbeat of the 80’s”, “Music from the 00’s” is not appealing from a marketing stand point. Naughty Aughties fills the void. It is the dawn of a new millennium and the decade of change.

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