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Date: February 9, 2005Contact: Kevin McIntosh, 1-866-703-0801 Email:

World’s First Redneck-Only Dating Site Launches Just In Time For Valentine’s Day

What Would Valentine’s Day Be Without Lots Of Red?

WINSTON-SALEM, NC – Rednecks hunting for romance this Valentine’s Day now have their own dating website. Just launched last week, offers several good ol’ boy twists to online dating including hobby choices that range from “Raisin’ Critters” to “Raisin’ Hell.” The mood of the site is akin to an online honky-tonk, only without the drunken fist-fights. Membership options include Basic Redneck, which allows users to complete profiles and upload photos, free. And there’s Premium Redneck with e-mail, a Redneck and Single Chat Room and even Instant Redneck Messenger-all for $14.95 monthly. The site was created to give rednecks an online environment to hunt for romance without having to weed through profiles of people who turn their noses up at interests like NASCAR, country music and hunting. The site’s creator, Kevin McIntosh, is a veteran ad man with deep southern roots and close redneck ties.

Rednecks On The Rise

The site is gearing up to bridge the boom in online dating with the growing need of single rednecks to connect. And all signs indicate that being a redneck is as popular as ever-Gretchen Wilson’s recent chart-topping hit single, Redneck Woman; Fox Network’s hit show, King Of The Hill; the WB network’s, Blue Collar TV; and the highly anticipated release of the new Dukes Of Hazzard movie. CMT will begin airing The Dukes Of Hazzard classic TV series in late February as well as a Dukes episode marathon. Also, Comedy Central has planned a marathon of redneck programming the day before Valentine’s Day, followed by their world TV premier of The Blue Collar Comedy Tour Rides Again movie.

Single Rednecks: A Fertile Breeding Ground

“The best relationships develop between people who share similar interests and values,” says McIntosh, who is also single. “As a culture, rednecks do have shared interests and values, such as an appreciation for the outdoors and family.”

The term “redneck” can be traced all the way back to 17th century Scotland. Its roots here in the states go back to the white sharecroppers in the cotton and tobacco fields of the early South. McIntosh says it’s a kind of underlying influence that can impact everything from a person’s preference for biscuits and gravy to a fondness for tacky t-shirts.

“So when two people with this deeply ingrained, unique set of values meet, you increase the odds of having what most singles are seeking-chemistry,” says McIntosh. “It’s just that for me, and for thousands more with that redneck heritage, the chemistry we seek is more of a home-grown variety.”

“I’ve had people jokingly question if the redneck breeding ground is one that should be fertilized. I think that reflects just how misunderstood rednecks are. For the most part, rednecks are very hard workers with a great sense of humor and a lot of common sense.”

With an economy that’s shifting away from agriculture to service industries, more and more single rednecks are being uprooted from the rural areas where they grew up. When they settle in a huge metropolitan area, finding other single people with those values can be a challenge.

“When a Billy Ray moves from his hometown to a huge city such as Atlanta, he no longer has his Aunt Betty Jo around to introduce him to a Tammy Jo or a Tina Rae,” says McIntosh. “The absence of those fix-ups is a threat to the perpetuation of the redneck culture. I’m hoping can become like a virtual Aunt Betty Jo.”

“I’d hate to picture a society without rednecks,” says McIntosh. “If I can help two people begin a lifelong loving relationship over their common passions for fishing and mud wrestling, I’ll feel has been a very worthy cause.”

Online Dating With A Good Ol’ Boy Twist

As the world’s first and only dating site created expressly for rednecks, will offer several good ol’ boy twists to the standard features of mainstream dating sites.

For example, matching options have been narrowed to “Baptist,” “Southern Baptist,” “Independent Baptist,” “Missionary Baptist,” “Primitive Baptist,” “Fundamental Baptist,” “First Baptist,” “Methodist,” “Christian” or “Other.”

Sports choices range from “Huntin’ and Shootin’ Critters,” to “Four Wheelin'” and “Cow Tippin.'” Most of the menu options are based on research into the lifestyles of hundreds of single rednecks across the country. However, extra down-home choices were added just for fun.

“I think we’ve got a lot of folks signing up just for the fun of going through the Redneck Personality questionnaire. It’s a real hoot,” says McIntosh. “I can pretty much guarantee you won’t find a dating site with funnier profiles. Rednecks aren’t afraid to laugh at themselves.”

Rednecks Are Starting To Click For Love

The story has already been picked up by the news in Texas, Florida and Mississippi. And folks from those places are starting to sign up. Within 24 hours of posting, it was one of the top 5 e-mailed stories from the Orlando Sentinel, Saturday February 5th. The dating site has already logged over 2,500 visitors. The goal is to have 10,000 members by year’s end.

“I guess we’re gonna find out soon which state has the most single rednecks,” says McIntosh.

# # # is the creation of Kevin McIntosh, a freelance copywriter who lives in Winston-Salem, NC. He has created advertising for several well-known brands including RCA and Blockbuster. He currently develops ad campaigns with ad agencies across the U.S.