Lambda Chi Alpha Alumni

To whom it may concern,My name is David Richard and I would like to submit an article for my brothers who have been cheated out of coming home to Western Carolina for Homecoming. I have just read some commentary by a past brother who clearly does not understand the impact of not having a Lambda Chi Alpha chapter at Western Carolina anymore. Hundreds of brothers are now orphans with no home to come to. I was Beta Zeta 505 and social chairman for a good while in the early 90’s. My brothers were strong and resolute and the claims that were made against them years later were motivated by retaliation from a scorned brother on a power trip who happened to be a lawyer. What happened was this. A lawyer/past brother’s wishes were denied when he requested to be our Advisor. I was not there at the time but was in contact. Being rejected, this scorned man was on a mission to tear down his own house regardless of what it meant to others who had lived there. Like me, John McBurney, Matt Boehlke, Jeff Bryson, Chris Reece, and on and on and on. There are hundreds of third party victims of one surly mans revenge for being rejected. My Beta Zeta brothers are kind, just and the ones you can turn to. Will Western Carolina turn to us?