The devolution of words, marriage in Canada?

The devolution of words, marriage in Canada?

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Caesar J. B. SquittiThunder Bay, Ontario

Back in 1987, as part of a workshop on traditional family research was begun on how social programs in Canada were dividing the sexes, dividing and polarizing the family. Many years later the research resulted in changes to the definition of “half-truth”, ” lie”, and “truth”. You see there is a flaw in human philosophy whereby truth can lie and it is based on the simple concept of errors of omission.

The current political move to delete parts of the definition of marriage, omitting the reference to a man and a woman, shows Canadians what part of the truth, or half truth is and it is not the first time that such half-truths have polarized society and the sexes. With half of all marriages ending in divorce one must ask the question why ? The answer lies in the half-truth.

While some have argued that this makes two people equal, the current definition still discriminates on the basis of age and family parameters, so that the suggestion that definitions cannot discriminate is illogical. Will the Canadian government’s illogical use of the constitution change the definition of ‘disabled’, ‘elderly’, ‘age’ to make everyone literally equal under the law; that would again be illogical.

Before continuing let me describe the deceptive nature of half-truths. While most people, and some dictionaries believe that half-truths are half true, there are several other types of half-truths, most deceptive is the half-truth that is a truth that is part of a greater truth; it is lie of omission, however what is mentioned is true, or literally part of the truth.

Most notable in Canadian history have been the half-truths that were used by social agencies to deal with social problems. Child abuse a few years ago was corrupted to include the model, “Men who abuse, women and children victims”. Note the anti-male agenda and the omission of children as abusers.

Family abuse programs were again corrupted to create a deceptive, polarizing agenda which labeled all men as abusers and all women as potential victims. The recent release of Karla Homolka proves the sexist model false and part of the problem, as the sexes were again polarized by a half-truth, a truth that ignores many things, including the many different forms of abuse.

How was Canada, and Canadians logically manipulated to arrive at changing a definition of a word like marriage ? Well interesting enough by taking the current definition and omitting parts of it, making it a half-truth.

Logically, it may be better for Canada to protect all its members including minorities however, changing the definition of the word marriage, will add confusion into our society, who is the father, who is the mother, who is the husband, who is the mother. In reference to marriage, it is the specific union of two individuals of opposite sexes that makes the union complete, and simply changing the definition of the word to make all people falsely equal, would suggest that if we continue you with false piece of logic, the literally we would be all the same, all would have the same exact rights, the exact same benefits regardless of whether or not we ‘qualify’ for them.

It we are to take the constitution literally, then we should, but logic would suggest otherwise and if we as a society, as a community as a world, will change a definition, there are three to correct, ‘truth’, ‘half-truth” and “lie’. For a truth that is part of a greater truth is a lie, and consequently, a lie can be a truth that is part of a greater truth.

Co-incidently, there is this unbelievable story in the bible, a story about our ancestors who lived in Eden, and were convinced by a character of low integrity, that if they took of knowledge as represented by a tree, they would be like God to know the truth, and so they picked of it; problem is we are not God, and we may never know The Truth. Truth can lie, when it is part of the truth, The truth in the infinite sense can be picked apart to create parts of the truth; half- truths. This is the dark side of truth, the original error of programming that has remained with us, concealed to most of us, until now.

The way to understand this philosophy I call, “The Jesus Christ Code ”

Caesar J. B. Squitti Thunder Bay, Ontario CANADA