Is WCU construction a good idea?

We all know that with time comes change for the better. It has been no different for Western Carolina University with the recent expansion of the campus and the increased enrollment. But is all of this change really for the better? When WCU began in 1889, it was a teaching school. Even though Western is nestled in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina, students went home every weekend, and Western soon earned the reputation of being a suitcase university. With this trend, it was hard to imagine that Western would grow to the size it is today.Even though WCU’s reputation had a shaky start, the change began. Now western has over 120 majors and over 30 graduate programs. However, not too much has changed when it comes to the students. Still a majority of students continue to go home or elsewhere on the weekend. Considering this, why is Western still reaching to expand the university?Recently, there have been many different means of development. This includes road changes, new dorms, new majors added, more students have been recruited, and even more land purchased! I suppose Western’s expansion is inevitable, but I don’t know if I think it’s for the better.When I started looking for universities to attend, I knew that I wanted to go to a school where I wasn’t just a number; somewhere where the classes were small enough for personal attention. I also wanted a school that was a place where I could concentrate on my studies, but when I wanted to have fun, I wouldn’t be too far from entertainment. I also wanted to find a school that offered many different majors. So when I found Western, I knew it was the school for me. Once I began my college career, Western started to change with construction.What makes WCU WCU, for me, is the fact that it is a small school, within the mountains and it’s not far from Asheville or even Atlanta. It’s a well known fact that other public schools in North Carolina, especially the ones located in larger cities, have an overwhelming number of students and a small amount of faculty; that is one drawl back. Although there is entertainment for students in these large cities, they could become distracted from their school work. If Western keeps expanding and admitting students at the rate that it is, the personality that I enjoy will no longer be around.I understand that by expanding WCU, it will expand the area and create new business for the region, which in return boosts the economy, but why mess with a good thing? I have heard rumors that there is pressure from the state to further develop Western. If this is the case, then where will future students look for a small public university?That being said, what’s in store for the future of Western Carolina? Recently a new major has been added to the curriculum, as well as the purchase and planning of the Millennium campus across Highway 107. If Western wishes to continue their construction and development of the university, there are a few things that I hope they will take into consideration. Foremost, with the addition of students needs to come the addition of faculty. Western already has many intricate programs available, and I would hope that the programs will not lose their value.Maybe a larger Western is a better Western, but only time will tell if WCU made the right decision in their expansion.