Hunter Library’s secret stash!

A trip to Hunter Library might as well be a prison sentence, shouldn’t it? After all, the library only has dry, boring material about ancient history and stale people, right? WRONG! Actually, Hunter has a collection of items that promise fun and good times, rather than the drudgery and hard work that enters most students’ minds when they think of the library. This “secret stash” is always available to students and faculty at Western, so be sure to check out all the good stuff that’s available. Books are the first things that come to mind when one thinks of the library, and Hunter has a collection of them in genres such as horror, fiction, and popular reading. No matter what kind of book you’re in the mood for, the library has the one for you waiting under its roof. Hunter also offers a selection of movies on both VHS and DVD. Whether you’re in the mood for comedy, action, horror, or something else altogether, popular titles from the big screen are always available from the library. Many of these movies are also on reserve so people can view them in the library rather than checking them out. The main lobby of Hunter features a collection of magazines and periodicals available for browsing. Fun and interesting titles are abounding in this section, so there’s bound to be a magazine that makes you stop for a look. With the large selection, there are plenty available for everyone. The library is not all about reading, though. There is also a plentiful selection of music available through CDs and other forms of media. This music is available both to check out and to listen to on reserve in the library. Therefore, not only are there plenty of music to choose from, but there are also plenty of opportunities to enjoy it. In addition, Hunter offers items such as games and puppets for people to use and have fun. Each of these promises to entertain some younger members of society-and also bring out the child in everyone. If you’re looking for a good time for all ages, games, puppets, and other goodies await. So, Hunter Library isn’t all about burying one’s head in books and downing doses of caffeine to prevent those midnight nod-offs. The library has a lot of great material that can liven up a rainy afternoon or a dull day on campus. It’s ready and waiting for everyone.