New shows for TV62

The campus TV station, TV62, is getting some new shows this semester. While many of the details are still hush-hush, there is a definite go-ahead for an ESPN-style sports news program focusing on Catamount athletics. Also, currently in the works are a travel show for the greater Cullowhee area, and the much-anticipated return of “Cullowhee Cribs.” Of course, TV62 will continue covering all of the events hosted here on Western’s campus; that is one thing that won’t change- the station intends to keep the focus on getting the word out about student-life here in Cullowhee. So what spurred this recent surge of new programming? I sat down one Friday afternoon with Ashlin Massey, the station manager, to find out. “We have a lot of new staff this semester,” he said, and with new staff, of course, comes new ideas. Naturally, the recent reorganization of the station under the careful direction of Katherine Smith and Pat Acherson has also brought a lot of new talent to the surface. As Ashlin puts it, the volunteers at TV62 are “working together to produce a professional broadcast,” and part of professionalism is keeping it fresh and exciting. Along with the new shows, much of the current programming is getting a face-lift, as well, including the old, PowerPoint-style info spots that typically run between programs. The staff at TV62 felt that everything could use a little “spicing up,” and now was a perfect time to get started. Keep an eye on your tube for these and other changes to campus programming over the course of the semester.