Brighton Beach Memoirs play review

The first play of the year, Brighton Beach Memoirs was a great success. The play was set in the late 1930’s in Brooklyn, N.Y. Eugene, played by Anthony Giordano, is a 15-year-old boy going through puberty who lives with his extended family, all under one small roof. The play showed us how a typical family from that time period lived and how they managed to deal with poverty. Not only did the play make us laugh, but it made us cry as well. Things like family issues, money, and relationships are what the play was based on.Most of the actors were enjoyable, except for Jack, Eugene’s father. His role as “father” was not very fatherly. His voice stayed monotone throughout the play – not once did he change his voice to show emotion; he only got louder. The other actors showed us that Jack was in charge, but the way he acted, the audience could not tell that he was the head of the household. Even though we couldn’t tell from his voice, his body language proved to us that he was a tired, poor father. As far as the other actors go, they played their parts well. The audience could relate to most of the actors; almost everyone has a family who act in a similar manner. The play had a lot of comical scenes, which was done very well and made the audience laugh. Brighton Beach Memoirs was a great production. Even though Eugene was the main character of the play, the focus was primarily on the family and how they dealt with their problems. Although it was set at an earlier time period, there were a lot of views we have today. Overall, the play made the audience realize that families need to stick together, even through thick and thin.