Campus Rock/Campus Crusade

Campus Rock, a ministry of Covenant Christian Church in Sylva, is always looking for students to join. Campus Rock is a nondenominational Christian outreach offered to Western Carolina students in order to help them build an understanding of God. Led by the Campus pastors Ken and Dana Jenkins, Campus Rock students believe that the Holy Bible is the supreme and final authority in all matters. On top of his duties in Campus Rock, Ken Jenkins serves as associate pastor at Covenant Christian Church in Sylva. Campus Rock students are committed to worshipping God with every bit of their heart, and they also stress the importance of God in their lives. Campus Rock is a very active organization on campus that has weekly bible studies, fellowship, and a bi-yearly retreat. On campus, Campus Rock has a variety of different activities for students to take part in. It is very active in Intramurals; they also have community outreach as well as campus outreach ministry. The vision of Campus Rock is to offer a place where students of any religion may go and encourage each other, and to help students build their relationship with Jesus Christ. The main goal that Ken Jenkins wants to see out of students involved with Campus Rock is seeing students giving their lives to Jesus. Campus Rock continues to excel as a strong ministry at Western, and many students are a part of it. It is a fun, entertaining, and a learning experience for all students involved. Campus Crusade is a new organization on campus that is committed to taking God’s praise and Word to other nations outside of the United States. Campus Crusade collaborates with millions of Christians nationwide to help spread God’s Word and spread their faith all across the world. The main goal of Campus Crusade is to reach out to lost students and turn them into Disciples of Christ. Campus Crusade is there for these students to tell them about the Gospel and get them to live life God’s way. Established in 1951 as a campus ministry, Campus Crusade has spread to 1,298 campuses nationwide 55 years later. Four to 10 staff members work together on a particular campus to ensure that the Gospel is reached to almost every lost student at the University. Bible studies, retreats, evangelism and discipleship are offered in Campus Crusade. At Western, there are meetings every Thursday night in Illusions in the University Center. Meetings usually include student led praise and worship, a testimony by one of the two leaders, followed by a presentation from a non-student speaker. Other than the discussions at meetings, Campus Crusade is very active throughout the campus and off campus as well. There are several different bible studies throughout the week with Campus Crusade, and these are generally split up between males and females. Off campus, Campus Crusade is very active as well. They are hosting the upcoming Casting Crowns concert in Asheville, and also coming soon for them is their fall retreat. Not only has Campus Crusade has evolved into a popular ministry for a majority of Christian students at Western; it has also evolved into a very popular ministry nationwide. Campus Crusade reached out to the 30,902 students who became Christians last year, and are more than willing to reach out to more this year. The growth and expansion of both Campus Rock and Campus Crusade have helped make them popular ministries for students interested in maintaining or beginning a relationship with Jesus Christ.