Christian Activities on Campus

Throughout the entire WCU campus are many different Christian ministries that students are welcome to become involved with in order to help with their faith, or give a better understanding about their faith, or to just have fun. The WCU campus is surrounded by groups such as The Wesley Foundation, Campus Outreach, Baptist Student Union, By the Gate, and the Catholic Campus Ministry. The Wesley Foundation is led by Tim Moore and is part of Cullowhee United Methodist Church. It is a group where students can worship, play games, sing songs, study for school, and just relax. Throughout the week, the Wesley Foundation has different activities for its members to take part in. Every Wednesday at Wesley, they have game night. Students come and play different games such as ping pong, video games, and other sorts of games. They also hold weekly bible studies, choir practices, and communion. Also once a week, Wesley offers a free meal to students to help bring them together to give a better understanding of faith. Campus Outreach is another ministry on campus offered to students. Campus Outreach is designed to reach out to students with the Gospel and help students be committed to their religious beliefs. Campus Outreach was founded in 1997 at Mitchell Road Presbyterian Church in Greenville, S.C. They have stretched their ministry from college campuses in upper South Carolina to campuses in western North Carolina. The organization is about reaching out to the campus and helping students walk in the presence of God. Being on the campus of Western Carolina University since the 1940s, the Baptist Student Union is another campus ministry that exists for students to be a part in. BSU is part of the Cullowhee Baptist Church and is located near Hunter Library. BSU is a student led Christian organization that pries itself on helping students understand more about their beliefs and also helps students maintain their faith to their religion. BSU helps increase their involvement on campus with recreational activities for students, spending time together at meals, and just hanging out. By the Gate is the student ministry for Cullowhee Presbyterian Church and is another great organization to be a part of on the campus of at Western Carolina. By the Gate centers itself on building faith among students in the community. By the Gate participates in different community service activities, such as visiting rest homes and building homes in Nicaragua. Every Tuesday night at Cullowhee Presbyterian Church are the meetings for By the Gate and the meetings usually include a free dinner, recreation, worship, and a presentation on a certain religious topic. The Catholic ministry on campus participates in a variety of different events on campus and in the church. Every Wednesday night students involved in the Catholic ministry meet in the Student Center for food and fellowship. Many students involved usually participate in something pertaining to the church. Some serve as Eucharistic ministers at Sunday mass, others serve as altar servers, or participants in the choir. However, what they all share is the fact that each attends mass every Sunday. The varieties of different campus ministries on campus are there to help students understand and maintain their faith during their four years in college. Campus ministries are most likely the best thing for students to do if they are looking to be involved with something on campus, and meeting new people who share the same beliefs and morals.