The Gadfly provokes mirth and contemplation

Few students know about the thin red magazine called “The Gadfly.” And while it’s distributed through the Philosophy Department’s office in Stillwell, it’s not exactly heavy reading. Written and published by thoughtful students here at Western, many of them majoring in philosophy or political science, the Gadfly pokes fun at a lot of the foibles we see around us in the everyday world. Take the article on President Bush. While you may love or hate the man, you can’t help but laugh at the satirical piece calling on all students to work fewer hours so those on Capitol Hill don’t look so bad by comparison. Or perhaps you’d prefer to read about the discovery of a malicious appendage that’s been seen attaching itself to people’s heads. It causes them to yak incessantly about nothing in particular. Scientists have begun calling it a “cell phone.” Whatever your issue, you’re sure to find something relevantly irreverent buried somewhere in the Gadfly. As long as you have a sense of humor and can take a few jabs sent in your general direction, there’s plenty to love in this thin, inconspicuous magazine. Pick one up in Stillwell the next time you’re just passing through. Trust me; you’ll be glad you did.