Western prepares for 2007 Relay for Life

Western Carolina University is preparing for another big Relay for Life event, scheduled for Friday, April 13, on the UC lawn. The Relay is a fundraiser for cancer research, and it has seen tremendous responses from the WCU campus and the surrounding area. Because the Relay goes towards such a great cause, everyone is encouraged to take part in the Relay for the new year. The website for the 2007 Relay for Life, located at http://www.acsevents.org/relay/wcu, makes it easy for people to contribute or to participate in the event. The site now features improved navigation that makes it easy to get involved as an individual or a team and to make a donation in the name of an individual. WCU is fortunate to have such an advanced website for the Relay available, and it will play an important role in the fight against cancer. Teams are now forming for the 2007 Relay, and the interest of groups on campus-along with several off campus-is admirable and impressive. Whether special-interest clubs, campus departments, Greek organizations, or other groups, everyone is united by their common goal to annihilate cancer once and for all. For the Relay, people temporarily set aside any differences they may have in the hopes of funding the essential research to cure this disease. During the 2006 Relay for Life, the community of Western Carolina University raised more than $18,000. This number is spectacular since every penny is used to fight cancer and make people healthy again. For the 2007 event, though, WCU hopes to increase that total to $20,000 in order to give cancer research the full funding it requires. Given the enthusiasm and commitment from the area’s people already, this goal is certainly within reach, and WCU Relay participants look forward to another productive year.