Cosmetic surgery: It’s getting ugly

When you look in the mirror do you say to yourself, “I wish I could change my (fill in the blank)”? If so, you are not alone. The percentage of people who are considering cosmetic surgery is increasing dramatically each year.Why should it not be increasing, people are getting uglier each year. Lips are getting skinner by the month, bellies flabbier by the week, and my god do not get me started on the noses I see on a daily basis. It’s hideous, I tell you. a majority of the people surveyed who indicated they hoped to have cosmetic surgery in the future were women, and young adults; men are by no means happy with what they are working with, literally. The number one reason cited for why men want cosmetic surgery is the belief that an individual’s appearance is key for professional success, according to vice president of the AACS, Jeff Knezovich says, “These days, men are thinking: I have to be competitive in the marketplace… to compete with the younger person coming in the door.” Ironic. I thought a good education and hard work would bring success. The survey also indicted that most people who aspire to alter their appearance know which celebrity feature they would pick. states, “Forty-six percent of women would choose Jennifer Aniston’s eyes and 51 percent of men said they would choose Nick Lachey’s abs.” I do not think anyone should find it surprising that so many everyday Americans want to look better, and will do so through drastic measures. Cosmetic surgery is dangerous if undergone too much. I could take the easy route and blame celebrities for the rising trend of body modification through surgery; I think it’s deeper than that, though. Take for instance that Katie Couric lost 20 pounds over night via Photoshop, without her consent. Perhaps, we should blame those putting the pressure on celebrities, which in turn puts the pressure on the typical American. Or maybe since we are all ugly anyways, we should just blame ourselves. The next time you look in the mirror and hate what you see, just thank Aphrodite you do not look like other one-name wonders like Roseanne or Cher.