The Marine lives up to its hype

Being a fan of World Wrestling Entertainment, all I have been hearing since August was about the movie The Marine starring current WWE champion John Cena. He plays a marine named John Triton who is relieved of his duties in the Marines and goes home to his wife, played by Kelly Carlson. On a road trip into the country, they get caught in the middle of a robbery scandal with a group of diamond thieves led by Robert Patrick (Terminator movies, X-Files), and the thieves kidnap John’s wife. When the police are no help, John takes the law into his own hands and goes on a one-man mission through the backwoods of South Carolina to save his wife. I had seen so many trailers and heard so much about this movie. Despite the few known actors in the movie, it did not deter me from the action, whether it is seeing buildings blown up, John Cena jumping off a cliff, or Cena fighting guys twice his size. This movie is non-stop action. Another thing that impressed me about The Marine was that John Cena did all of his own stunts. He had plenty of experience from his years in Sports Entertainment. Robert Patrick was very good playing his typical villain role in movies, and even some of his witty remarks got laughs from me. Cena even gets in a few witty comments of his own. Besides doing his own stunts, Cena even did his own fight scenes, which ranged from him hitting guys his own size, to breaking out of a chair and beating up a huge bodyguard. Even Kelly Carlson got in on the action as she was involved in a fight of her own in the movie. The Marine is a movie not aimed at everyone, mainly at fans of John Cena and of wrestling. Action fans will be impressed by this movie as it seems to be a continuing trend of Superstars from the WWE appearing in either movies (The Rock, Kane, the Big Show) or television (WWE Smackdowns’ Batista is to appear on the CW’s Smallville in November). I personally think that the movie had a lot of action, and I absolutely loved the fight scenes and the stunts. However, the lack of known stars was its downfall. I give this movie a grade of a B.