Upcoming events for Native American History Month

November marks Native American History Month across the nation, and WCU is planning many events to educate and entertain students, faculty and community members alike. Author Leann Howe will present her story Spiral of Fire at 7 p.m. on Nov. 14 in the UC Grandroom. Spiral of Fire details Howe’s exploration of the Eastern Band of Cherokee culture in the 21st century, and how tourism and the desire to preserve tradition have affected the tribes. Howe also struggles to reconcile her past as half-Cherokee and the mysteries and wonders that accompany the nature of a Cherokee woman. The Minnesota-based Lakota family group called Fast Horse will be performing at 7 p.m. on Nov. 28 in the UC Theater. Their participation in WCU’s celebration of Native American History Month is anticipated to be an excitement-packed time. Their performances focus on the progress of the Native American history of dance and music, and the act uses different styles of dancing along with juggling, audience participation, and costumes to tell stories and the history of the Lakota. Fast Horse will also be putting on a workshop entitled “The Spirituality and Mythology of the Native American Culture,” time to be announced. The Multicultural Center at WCU will be hosting many events besides these, so keep an eye on the WCU Web site for the times and details. If you have any other questions, call the Multicultural Center at x2276.