Night at the Museum mixes history with humor

4 stars out of 5

During a recent interview on television, Ben Stiller talked about now that he is a dad, he wants to do more family-friendly movies and his first family movie, “Night at the Museum” was one that not only kids will enjoy, but even some parents and young adults will find humor in.The movie takes place in New York City as a divorced Father (Stiller) finds himself at a roadblock in his life and ends up taking a job as a night guard at the Natural History Museum. While on his first night, Stiller’s character Larry Daley, finds out that this job may have been more than he bargained for as all the exhibits come alive at night. Two of the coolest exhibits that come to life (in this reviewer’s opinion) are the full scale Tyrannosaurus Rex and the cute but sneaky little monkey.Besides casting Ben Stiller, the movie’s cast mixes some old school with a little new school. The three former night guards that Larry takes over for are famous actors Dick Van Dyke, Bill Cobbs and Mickey Rooney. There are many other notable actors in this movie such as; Robin Williams who plays a very funny historical version of Teddy Roosevelt, Patrick Gallagher (Walking Tall) plays Attila the Hun, and even Owen Wilson finds himself shrunk down to the size of a former cowboy from out west (name was unknown).Overall, this movie was not only a very funny movie, but also told us some facts about history and a very important moral comes from Robin Williams’ character, “In order to avoid repeating the past, we must learn from it.” – Very good Quote!