Online Gaming Club

For many years, a small group of individuals has been training with incredible diligence, ceaselessly preparing for the inevitable, the terror or for whatever scenario that the future holds including zombie invasion, alien invasion and any other type of invasion that could possibly take place. These individuals are of such skill and talent that firing a rocket launcher at the ground and riding the blast high into the air while simultaneously drinking a Mountain Dew is child’s play. They are super soldiers of the information age. They are untouchable, they are silicon gods, they are gamers and they will ruin your online day.Do any of the above descriptions apply to you? Have you been trained in smashing bricks with your head and gathering gold coins since you were a child? Do you bleed rings when you run into spikes? Are you able to hit a moving target through five walls with a bow and arrow? Are you a human being that enjoys video games and has any level of talent at all, including “newbie”? There is a place for you. That place is the Online Gaming Club.Surely you remember the days when “fun” wasn’t synonymous with “binge drinking.” Have you ever woken up with an epic hangover and found yourself wishing that for just one night you could do something entertaining that didn’t make you useless for fourteen hours the next day? The good news is that you can! The bad news is that you can’t today, so take some Tylenol and go back to sleep.If gaming is the very definition of good, clean fun, which it is, then the Online Gaming Club is Mr. Clean himself. You may have seen the posters, you may have heard about it from a friend or you may have stumbled across it in some other way, but the fact remains that the gaming club’s LAN parties are about as much fun as you can have without ending up in a holding cell.What is a LAN party? Simply put, it’s where you play games online with people who are all in the same room. Trash talking takes on a whole new form when you can throw empty bottles at the guy who eliminated you with extreme prejudice moments before.Originally, these parties only covered people with their own computers, but these days events can include a diverse array of platforms, including Playstation, X-Box and everything in-between. As if the prospect of playing games all night wasn’t tempting enough, the gaming club is sponsored by several popular companies such as nVidia, ATI, Alienware and the ever popular energy drink, Bawls. These companies provide a plethora of prizes to the club. You want them. I want them. Who doesn’t like a prize?The Online Gaming Club does not have regular meetings, but they do have a newly designed website that can be found at: Aside from important dates and times, the website features forums where you can simply chat with like-minded individuals and sign up for future LAN events.How much more convincing do you need? Drop that bottle and pick up a controller; it’s time to revisit your roots and maybe plant some new ones. After all, you never know when that invasion is coming, and you don’t want to be the one who isn’t prepared, do you?