Generation: ?

In the ’20s, women began their flapper movement. The Civil Rights movement took center stage in the 1950s. The ’60s ushered in the flower power movement. The ’70s continued the fight for peace and revolutionized music. The ’80s brought about bad hair, along with an underground movement of punk. Americans have also witnessed art movements, movie growths and many other items that define a generation. Hell, there is even a generation known for the babies that were born. But most recently, the ’90s and the new millennium have brought about…? Some would argue that our generation is the technology age: flashy cell phones, computerized robots, video games and much more to consume our age group’s thoughts. That’s all grand and well, but what I fail to see is why our generation cannot be known for something more significant. Today, we listen to music that, by the ’70s definition, cannot be called music and would never have made it to the production stage. Fake voices and faces fill the airwaves. Instead of a fight for peace, even though we are in the middle of a war, taking a stance and staging protests, as they did in the 6’0s, are far from our thoughts. Where has the passion gone?The passion to care so much about something that it hurts. The passion to dedicate one’s life to making a difference. The passion to make the change for a better future. Why is it that our generation seems to lack this “passion gene”? I know where the passion has gone; it has gone into our obsession for pop culture. People are more concerned with sending a text message, or checking their MySpace page. People today are more troubled with making money to “keep up with the Jones.'” People are more infatuated with watching celebrities on T.V. and buying the “hottest single,” according to Rolling Stone magazine. Or could it be that our government has taught us to be afraid of consequences? Eighteen to twenty-one-year-olds today come from very diverse backgrounds. No matter what the background of a person, authority seems to have taken the reigns when it comes to personal thoughts and opinions. Many have been taught to fear the government, judicial systems and local authority. The power-possessed minds of leaders believe they can make the rules. It should be the other way around-the people should make the rules. Today, children are encouraged to get a job or go to school, either way, working hard for “the man.” When faced with something that we may see as unfair and unjust, we just turn our heads. We hide within our own little worlds, ignoring all around us. But it could just be our greed for money, fame and power that drives us to work hard with no true end result-besides the new Hummer in our driveway, of course. Thanks to generations and leaders of the past, we have more freedoms today than some could have ever imagined. Having these freedoms could be making us lazy. Some may argue that there is nothing left to fight for. However, our generation has seen a time when we willingly sacrificed some of these freedoms, for example, the Patriot Act. Rules, regulations and laws have been established to “protect” us, or so we were told. But why are we willing to give up those freedoms that others fought so hard to obtain?The fact is that there are many things wrong with our government and the world surrounding us-gay rights, abortion issues, poverty, hunger, war and countless others. If only our generation could join together, as so many have in the past, and fight for what is morally correct in this world.Don’t we want something that defines our generation, other than bad taste in music? Don’t we want to see changes happen? Aren’t we pissed off about something enough to care to try to make a difference? The theme, currently, is to get upset about something, but then turn around to the newly purchased Play Station 3 for mindless entertainment. No one in the future will be interested in making a documentary or telling a story about a generation that is known for nothing. Just think: if our generation is like this, what will future generations be like? Now is the time; we are young and can make a difference. We all want to look back and know we were a part of something defining, so why not make it so? We’ve seen revolutions in the past, and now we can make them happen in our present, if only our generation had the passion of the past’s.