Five steps toward conflict resolution

Here in college, the different challenges that face students can result in conflict. In order to keep a clear and less-stressed mindset, adapt a five-step process to deal with difficult people and help alleviate conflict:1. Slow down and take a breath. It’s natural to get angry when conflict arises, but don’t loose your cool. If you feel yourself about to snap, take a mental break. If that’s not enough, physically remove yourself from the situation until you’ve regained your composure.2. Step into their shoes. When you can see the problem from the other person’s point of view, it’s easier to resolve a conflict.3. Change your approach. Instead of ranting and raving, dissolve the tension by rationalizing the argument. Show your concern for the situation, explain your position, and then make a proposal to solve the problem.4. Be fair. Look for a way you both can “win,” or at least save face. 5. Educate as you negotiate. Help the other person understand all the alternatives and consequences, and then pick the best solution together.Every conflict is different, so these steps may not be the only ones necessary to resolve conflict. However, by keeping these steps in mind, you can remain rational in a heated disagreement. (Adapted from William Ury’s Getting Past No)