Play for Peace Stirs the Community

Last issue, our focus was on what defines us as a generation. In one of my communications classes this morning, my teacher said that one stereotypes of this generation is our lack of motivation to do anything, especially things that could change the world. We understand this is a generality, but oftentimes we can be prone to laziness. However, for once, our generation is stepping up and standing our ground. The cause is peace, and the means of communication is music. Play For Peace is a linking of arms against the war, and those participating in the event want everyone to know they aren’t backing down. Local musicians and other members of the community choose to spread awareness and call for action by hosting a growing musical festival every month until the troops overseas come home. Currently there are an estimated 140,000 soldiers fighting in foreign countries. Those that are active in Play For Peace believe that it’s time for every single one to return to the U.S. The other goal is to spread awareness about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, a mental condition that often affects veterans of war. Participating musicians include Cooking with Quanta, Matt Williams, Mother Vinegar, Tea Leaf Green, WCU’s Jazz Crew, After Dark and Hoss, among others. These local bands say that the power of music can bring about change, and they choose to offer their talents to speak out. The next Play For Peace event will be Saturday, April 21, in downtown Sylva. Come enjoy the live music and advocate the effort to bring our soldiers home. For more information, check out the MySpace page at