Shooter hits the bullseye

4 Stars Out Of 5

Basing my opinion upon his performance in the film Invincible, I began questioning Mark Wahlberg’s career choice as an actor. However, after watching The Departed, I knew that Wahlberg had it in him. After viewing his recent film Shooter, I have gained a new respect for Mark Wahlberg as an actor. He puts a lot of effort into his performance as Bob Lee Swagger, and it makes Shooter a can’t-miss film in the box office. Wahlberg plays a marksman by the name of Bob Lee Swagger who is living in exile after his partner is mistakenly killed in an earlier mission. Swagger is talked back into action after learning of a plot by Colonel Isaac Johnson (played by Danny Glover) to kill the president. However, Swagger is double-crossed and framed for the assassination attempt on the President’s life. Swagger goes on the run to find out who the real killer is and is on the path to figure out who set him up. While the majority of the film really entertained me, I felt as though that the ending was a little too over the top. Like all action flicks, though, you have to throw away your sense of reality for at least for the entire two hours or more. The ending was a little too anticlimactic and formulaic. Except for some cheesy dialogue, such as an unnecessary Anna Nicole Smith comment and a reference towards the current president, Shooter was an enjoyable film.Joining Wahlberg in the cast was Michael Pena of World Trade Center and Crash. Pena played the role of Nick Memphis, an FBI agent who quickly teamed with Swagger to help prove his setup. Memphis’ role was very vital towards the end of the film, especially in Swagger’s encounter in the mountains with Colonel Johnson. Danny Glover did a so-so job playing Johnson. It seemed as though Glover was hard to hear throughout the film, and I found myself hating his performance just because I could not understand a single word he was saying.Of course, like all action flicks, there was a girl who befriended Swagger. Actress Kate Mara of Brokeback Mountain and We Are Marshall played the role of Sarah Fenn. This is where my only true complaint of the film comes in. Kate Mara’s character, the widowed wife of Swagger’s best friend, seems to only play two emotions-distressed or hysterical-and it does get annoying. Although she does play the part well, I would have liked to see her character develop a little bit more.The film will keep you on the edge of your seat, and despite its formulaic ending, it will leave you satisfied knowing that Swagger kicks some hardcore butt. If you are a fan of 24, Prison Break, the Jason Bourne movies, as well as The Fugitive, then Shooter is definitely a movie you will enjoy.