Stressed and Depressed in College

Obviously, college students are likely to have more stress and pressure in their everyday lives due to classes, schoolwork, extracurricular activities, and social life. But how much stress is too much for someone to handle? When the stress of life’s demands becomes unbearable, it can put your physical and emotional well being at risk. Stress can lead to anxiety, a variety of physical problems such as high blood pressure and heart attacks, and depression. One out of every 4 people will experience a depressive episode by age 24. There are several types of depression, ranging from seasonal depression to severe clinical depression to manic depression. Depression as a whole is characterized by (but not limited to) symptoms of: sadness, lack of energy, despondency, feelings of hopelessness, and the loss of interest in most things. When someone has symptoms of depression for 2 weeks straight or more, they are probably suffering from depression. Most people with depression never get help, even though most will respond to treatment.