Be Sure the Pack Your Music This Summer

Ok, so you are heading out on a long boring road trip this summer with your parents. What are you going to do during that ten hour stretch from North Carolina to Miami Beach? Sure once you get there (are we there yet?), you will have beaches, clubs, and hot-locals but there is only so much one can take of your little brother hitting you and your parents bickering up front about NASCAR. My solution for you is music! If you can’t take anymore heated discussions about, “Earnhardt being better than Stewart,” then its time for you to pull your mp3 player out of your bag. But what should you listen to? Prior to leaving you can stock up on music from oldies to top tens, you never know what you will be in the mood for say in the boonies of South Georgia. A little “Dueling Banjos” perhaps? Maybe “Welcome to Atlanta” is more your style. One thing is for sure, don’t leave home this summer without your music, it can take you far away from that stuffy SUV and alleviate those traveling blues. What ever your taste in music, play it safe and download a variety of themed music for your destination. Going to the tropics? Get some reggae. Heading overseas to England, why not fill that mp3 player with every Beatles album known to man. Also, if you are a big concert go-er and plan on catching all the tours this summer, is offering a deal for you. They are calling the program “A Summer of Free Music”. For every concert ticket you buy from between May 28 – Sept. 3, you will be given one free download from iTunes. Plus, every concert ticket buyer, regardless of show date, gets a 10-song digital music sampler showcasing hand-picked artists. These downloads will include artists you know, and others you need to know. Now that you are planning your trip with your family, do not forget to pack your music. is a site that allows people to vote for or against songs for different occasions. The site lists some popular traveling songs for your listening enjoyment while on your long road trip this summer. The top ten road trip songs are: 10. 99 Problems – Jay Z 9. Crazy Train – Black Sabbath8. Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen7. Ocean Pearl – 54-406. Free Ride – Jefferson Airplane 5. Boom – P.O.D. 4. Life is a Highway – Tom Cochrane 3. Holiday – Green Day2. Down with the Sickness – Disturbed1. Paradise City – Guns N Roses

Have a great summer, and congratulations class of 2007! I’m out.