Porterdavis, Live at Eddie’s Attic

(4 out of 5 stars)

Texas-based trio Porterdavis combines the smooth tunes of the Lonestar State with contemporary progressions and tempos to entertain crowds and get your feet tappin’. Their first full-length album, Live holds the promise of progressive bluegrass in each of the fifteen music tracks, while still uplifting the air of classic blues, influenced by artists like Ray Charles, Miles Davis, and Muddy Waters. Dan Barrett is mainly responsible for the lyrics to the songs, but the band also covers songs like “White Freight Liner,” originally by Towne Van Zandt. The younger crowd will be delighted by the dance-worthy melodies and the warm feelings promoted as Simon wails on the harmonica and Mike plays any rhythmic instrument he can get his hands (or feet) on. Because the album was recorded live, the instruments and voices are as raw and exuberant as the voices that cheer at the end of a track. WCU’s campus got a taste of Porterdavis’ honeyed sound Friday, April 13, when the band came to play at the Relay for Life. Students chilled on the UC lawn for over an hour, swaying and clapping along, and hooting for the group’s sly rendition of SNL skit “My Dick in a Box.” Cool guys, a coffee-house vibe, and humor?! Count me in. But don’t just take my word on it. If you’re in the mood for grooveable tunes and feel-good music, check out these talented and creatively inspiring artists on their MySpace page, www.myspace.com/porterdavismusic, or on their band page, www.youlikeporterdavis.com.