CD Review: Billy Talent: II

We’ve all heard the stereotypes that seem to surround modern rock. Emo, screamo, hardcore, post hardcore, progressive, punk, and whatever else is branded to anything new that rocks. All these titles make it sound like we’re shopping the isles of some outrageous guitar themed grocery store. What’s created though, from all these different genres of rock, is a huge selection of modern rock to choose from. New acts and sounds emerge that build on the groundwork laid by other bands. A great new example of this is Toronto based new-punk foursome Billy Talent. Their second CD is aptly titled ‘II’, no explanation necessary.

Billy Talent’s sound is full of guitar riffs, drum solos, and edgy vocals that defiantly make you want to smash things. These guys are almost a throwback to the glory days of punk rock when green spiky hair and safety pins on leather jackets were king. Billy Talent plays with all the intensity of modern rock with all the angst and message of punk, and it’s easy to hear they have something to say.

‘II’s first two singles “Devil in a Midnight Mass” and “Red Flag” have been burning their way up the modern rock charts since the CD’s release last June. Go buy this CD, be one of the first in on the next big thing. Billy Talent has a great new sound, and is a great direction for rock to go in.