Battle of the Brains

Men and women don’t think alike. There are physiological differences that make communication between the two sexes a sometimes difficult task. These differences affect the daily lives and decisions of both sexes. The physical differences in the brain can be the easiest to research and analyze because of current technology. According to 10 Things You Never Knew About, which has assembled a list of differences between the men’s and women’s brains, some differences are: “Men’s brains are larger, but as they age, they also shrink faster than women’s brains. Women’s brains run hotter, that is, they employ more glucose; and for a given task, women use more of their brains.” When it comes to sex and relationships, there is a clear difference between the two sexes. It is often said by various comedians and research that men think about sex about once a minute while women think about sex far less frequently, sometimes only once or twice every day. Although there is no hard scientific proof of this claim, many would agree that one sex does think about sex more often even though it might not always be the male. Another claim is that a 20-second hug will give a woman a feeling of trust from the person giving it. This is due to a release of oxytocin which affects the muscles in the uterus. This also has no scientific proof because it depends mostly on the person involved. There are just some things that women do better than men and vice versa. According to, “Overall, women score higher on verbal skills as well as memory. In a recent study, both sexes were asked to negotiate a large maze. While men excelled in getting through the maze quicker than women, the women could remember the maze’s specific landmarks in detail. This may account for why women, in general, are quick to notice changes in someone’s home or personal appearance. Men excel in spatial tasks, mathematics and motor skills. This is why the men could negotiate the maze quickly and successfully despite their lesser ability to recall specifics. Because men often think with ‘mental maps,’ they are less likely to use a tangible map when lost. They also are better at motor tasks such as target shooting and mathematical memories such as sports statistics.”Men vs. Women: Brain Power gives some simple exercises to improve the brain: “Brush your teeth with your opposite hand or drive a different way to work each day for a week. Try memorizing a list of names or items for the sake of exercising your memory. Type a letter with your eyes closed. Anything that gets you thinking outside of the normal range is good for the brain, no matter what your gender.”