The Campus Mediation Program

Disputes among students can be an all-too-common problem on campus. The Campus Mediation Program (CMP), which was created last year, will help resolve disputes between students and help the parties reach an agreement. According to College of Business Professor Jayne Zanglein: “Mediation is an informal process in which an impartial mediator facilitates communication between disputing parties in an effort to help the parties reach agreement. The mediator is not a judge and cannot impose a solution on the parties. Instead, the mediator, through active listening skills and facilitative techniques, helps the parties work toward resolution. If an agreement is reached and reduced to writing, the written agreement can be enforced as a contract. Mediation allows parties to focus on the issues underlying a dispute. The mediator helps the parties to deal with the real issues involved-not just the triggering event.” Courtney Howard, a WCU graduate, created CMP after taking a mediation class with Professors Mauldin and Zanglein. Howard then made it her personal goal to create a mediator program before she graduated. The mediation program is a joint effort between the College of Business and the Department of Student Judicial Affairs. Walter Turner, the Director of Student Judicial Affairs, said, “The Campus Mediation Program is a wonderful addition to the student judicial process by providing an alternate route to resolution. The program will help us achieve some of our primary goals: education, student development, and behavior change.” The College of Business recently approved an interdisciplinary minor in Conflict Resolution and Cross-Cultural Communication. Interested students can contact Professor Zanglein at Ext. 7191. The program’s website is at The email address is Currently there are 29 students and 6 faculty members who are trained as mediators. CMP holds a training session for those who are interested in becoming mediators.