TV-62’s Stereotypes addresses an “age-old question”

This issue is all about dealing with guys and girls. And if I didn’t know any better, I’d give TV-62 a high-five for creating the perfect game show to deal with the issues surrounding the different sexes. Well, they didn’t do it on purpose, but I’ll give them a high-five anyway, just for coming up with such a cool game.Stereotypes is a competition game show that addresses just what its name suggests. Hosted by WCU students Jason Eckard and Becca White, the show pits two teams, four girls versus four guys, against each other in a three-round tournament to determine which sex is stronger and smarter. “It aims to answer the age-old question of who’s better: men or women?” said Joe Mullins, TV-62’s station manager. Based on the Battle of the Sexes board game, the show includes two trivia rounds and then a physical challenge round, said Mullins. Questions in the first two rounds ask the men about stereotypical feminine things and then test the women’s knowledge of masculine things. Think fashion and cooking questions for men, sports and power tool questions for women. In fact, Mullins tested my knowledge of the opposite sex in order to determine some of the best questions. Let’s just say, I did all right. The physical challenge round forces one of the teams to complete various tasks that are typically performed by the opposite sex. Men may shave their legs, and women may have to change a tire on a car.They shot the first episode in Illusions in front of a live audience at LMP’s Up All Nite. Mullins hopes to shoot every episode in front of a live audience.You can catch the thirty-minute premiere episode on October 1. It airs at 8 am, 12 pm, 6 pm, and 10 pm. Basically, you have no excuse for missing this show. And if you feel compelled to get involved, go check out a taping! You may even be asked to play, as Mullins picks his contestants from the audience. For more information, you can contact any member of the TV-62 family by emailing