2007 Technology takes the virtual cake

It’s a typical Monday evening. I am hanging out at my neighbor’s apartment, watching three guys yell at the TV, but really at the opposing players of Halo 3. With internet connection, headphones, and wireless controllers, these guys, Lando Scott, Rob Glendenning, and Dave Kirschbrown, are not fooling around when it comes to their Xbox 360. I start to wonder, how different would this Monday night be without 2007’s technology advancements? “It’s been a good year for technology advancements; especially video games,” said Glendenning as he fires at an ‘enemy’. “Playstation 3 was probably my favorite technology because of the excellent graphics.” Within the graphics industry, Blu-Ray is one of the technologies that will revolutionize the computer and gaming industry. Developed by the Blu Ray Disc Association, Blu-Ray uses a blue-violet laser, as opposed to a red laser, to read and write discs. This allows for sharper precision, which in turn enables greater storage space. One disc could hold up to 50GB of information using the Blu-Ray technology.However, video games and computers were not the only advancements made in 07. One item that the American public has been craving is the new Iphone. “The Iphone is my favorite technology of 07,” said Scott. “It has everything you need. A super technology!” A super technology indeed, the Iphone offers more than three products in one; including a phone, a camera, an Ipod, all with internet connection. Not only does the Iphone make most phones appear obsolete, it also offers the revolutionary technology of a multi-touch user interface. To navigate through settings, options, and more, just touch the screen. An ‘old fashioned keypad’, as it’s referred to by the apple website, can also be accessed with one touch. But don’t worry; the Iphone does make phone calls like an ‘old fashioned cell phone’. The Iphone was not the only improvement within the cell phone world of 2007. Throughout the year, the American public as seen their cell phones get smaller and smaller. It first started with the ‘Razor’. This phone’s sleek design was a desire of everyone. Soon thereafter, the ‘Chocolate’ made it’s way to the market. With a unique sliding feature, this small phone quickly made the wish list.However, neither of these can top the newly introduced Samsung ‘Juke’. This tiny phone flips open like a jackknife and includes some of the latest features. The ‘Juke’ is also an mp3 player that allows music input from a computer – not just downloading! Television also saw much advancement in the 2007 year, including that of HDTV. With TV sets getting larger by the second, it is no surprise that High-Definition Television has become the industry standard. A giant picture is where the viewer can really see the crystal clear advantages that HD offers. In fact, it is said that all cable providers must be converted to HD within the next year. The only downfall to this upgrade would be equipment costs for the public. None the less, this shouldn’t stop America from enjoying the best TV has to offer. True the American public has seen some of the best technology has to offer in the year 2007. Who knows what kind of gadgets are in store for 2008?! For now, just sit back, relax and enjoy the new games on a HDTV, while texting or surfing the web on an Iphone.