IT Resources for Students

The C.R.I.B. (Computer Resource and Information Bureau)The C.R.I.B. is now located in the Cat’s Den (formally Brown Cafeteria) and is open daily from 5:00pm – 10:00pm. At the C.R.I.B. you can get the same technical support you have received in the past, but you can now get one-on-one assistance at one of our tech stations, print your important documents from our Pay for Print station, or checkout one of our MacBooks to use while hanging out in the Cat’s Den (Coming Soon).Student Computing PodcastsWould you like to learn about the latest technology happenings for students here at WCU? Just visit iTunes U at and subscribe to the Student Computing Podcasts! There you will find out what the latest technology happenings here at WCU, where you can get help with technology, preventative maintenance tips, and how-to documents. All of this information is located at iTunes U. Subscribe to the Student Computing Podcasts today!Student Computing Wiki and Blog SiteStudent Computing has just published its new Wiki and Blog! There you will find information on all the latest happenings in IT at WCU for students, as well as provide input on a variety of topics such as Viruses and Spyware, Copyright Infringement, The C.R.I.B., and others. Don’t miss this opportunity to interact with us via the Student Computing Wiki and Blog Site located at say you can’t get something for nothing, but is it true? While many students are using applications such as Limewire, Frostwire, Arez, Morpheus, and others to download music illegally and risk getting their Internet Access terminated, WCU students have access to Ruckus free of charge. With Ruckus WCU students have access to millions of songs, music videos, films, and a new social networking site and it’s all free. Visit and signup today!The Student Technology Assistance CenterThe Student Technology Assistance Center (STAC) is one of four academic success centers on campus. We provide one on one tutoring for students that may have questions about the technology they’re using for class. We also provide software workshops, group events, and curriculum specific sessions for groups that have similar needs. The STAC works with students to help them be more knowledgeable about the technology they are using. We want to help increase the quality of their work while also increasing their efficiency. We meet with faculty to better understand assignments so in turn we can provide better assistance to students. The STAC is located in the Hunter Library computer lab and is ready for walk in visits or appointments. We’re flexible to meet outside of business hours and can reserve a variety of facilities. If you need technology assistance for yourself or your class, please contact Phillip Garrison, Director of STAC, , or call 227-2497.The Help DeskAs the first line of support, the Help Desk provides email, telephone, and IP intercom support to faculty, staff, and students. This “one stop” approach streamlines the process and allows support staff the flexibility to troubleshoot and resolve support issues such as:• Assistance with software applications • Support for email • Virus/spyware issues • WebCAT Level one support • JumpStart Assistance • Assistance with WCU’s standard software • Curriculum specific software • Wireless and networking issues • Password/Access Assistance General Access Student LabsThe student general access labs have undergone some major changes and improvements over this summer. In the Hunter Student Lab, we have added more iMac workstations that can dual boot into Mac OS or Windows XP. We also installed a new lab assistant desk, new chairs, and a plasma display to provide better services and modernize the lab. Hunter Lab will also now be home to the Help Desk Walk-up Counter with lab assistants and tech assistants available to provide assistance with technology issues and questions The Walk-up Counter will accommodate all students on campus as well as faculty and staff. The Hunter Lab will be moving to the ground floor of Hunter Library over Christmas break. This move will be in preparation for a future expansion during the summer of ’08. Along with these changes in Hunter lab, we have also implemented WebCat level one support for evenings and weekends in Hunter Lab. The Walk-up Counter and Hunter Lab will also handle the support for evening calls when the Helpdesk phone center is closed (5-10pm). The amount of assistance that students, staff and faculty can receive at the Hunter lab will include but is not limited to the following: WebCAT Level one support STAC (Student Technology Assistance Center) JumpStart Assistance Assistance with WCU’s standard software Curriculum specific software Scanning, digital editing and multimedia needs Wireless and networking issues Password/Access Assistance With the renovations of Forsyth building we have re-located the Forsyth Student Lab into the Fine and Performing Arts Center, room 254 (FPAC 254). However, the only room available to house the lab has caused us to reduce the size of the lab which translates to a reduction of workstations. The lab now contains 15 workstations that run Mac OS and Windows XP. With this move, we will be able to accommodate both business and art students in that location. No changes have been made to Moore lab. E-Classrooms We made several changes this summer to our campus E-Classrooms. The first and by far the most significant change is the addition of a new IP Intercom system to our E-classrooms. This intercom system will eventually replace telephones in the classrooms. By simply pushing the “Help Desk” button on the classroom control unit, you will be immediately connected to Help Desk personnel. This system will allow our personnel to open a web page and see the status of the technology you are using in the classroom. We will be able to remotely manage the technology and make necessary changes to assist you better. Another major change to our E-Classrooms is also related to the Forsyth building renovation. We have moved the two E-Classrooms formally located in Forsyth into the Coulter building. These rooms are now located in Coulter 205 and Coulter 302. Demonstration Classrooms Our Demonstration Classrooms on campus include any classroom that is equipped with technology such as a projector and an instructor computer station. These rooms number well over 100 now and we have made numerous upgrades to these classrooms this summer. We have equipped the majority of these classrooms with a new web based control unit that allows the instructor to manage the technology in a more efficient manor. These units also allow us to check the projector bulb life, filter cleaning cycle, as well as enable us to keep continuous contact with and electronically monitor the security of the projectors in these rooms. These control units also allow Help Desk personnel to better assist with questions as explained above. ITV Center Other improvements this summer include changes to our ITV Center on campus. The ITV Center is located in the Cordelia Camp building. This center can handle teleconferences, video conferences, web conferences, as well as digital recording of class sessions. We have recently completed upgrading the older TV’s in the center to all new plasma displays. Also, we now have available 3 laptop computer carts with 30 dual boot computers that will run Mac OS or Windows XP. These carts will enable us to schedule ad-hoc classes/training/workshops in the center and ease the load on our E-Classrooms across campus. To introduce these changes, the Division of IT will be holding two “Open House” events this spring. The dates and times will be announced before Christmas break. Upcoming Tech Events in 2008 2008 will be an exciting year in technology here at WCU. IT is working closely with both Apple and Gateway to hold several tech events on campus. Not only will you have a chance to see demonstrations of the latest technology offerings from these two companies but you will also have an opportunity to interact with their campus representatives. Have a question about your Apple or Gateway? Just keep your eyes open for our tech events in 2008. Dates and locations of the events will be posted on MyCat, advertised on the IT webpage (, and also on the Student Computing Wiki and Blog site (