Knocked Up or knocked out?

Knocked Up? Or should it be “knocked out” of the running for one of the best movies of 2007? Where should I start? The movie was vulgar, graphic, and offensive. There were only a few scenes that were entertaining. Pretty much the entire movie left me wondering when it was going to be over. Aside from a few good jokes, the movie was saturated with perverted humor along with some nude scenes and even a graphic shot of a baby crowning from a specific female part. Seth Roger played an uneducated, unsuccessful, middle-aged man (Ben Stone) in the movie. After a drunken one night stand with a girl from the club, Alison Scott (Katherine Heigl), he soon found out that he was going to be a father. The entire movie revolved around the odd couple trying to form a relationship before the arrival of their baby. You would think that the movie would have to be loaded with comical scenes as you watched two complete strangers try to get to know each other in such a short time. Well, think again! The movie was stricken with bad jokes, an almost funny fight scene, and a plot that barely kept my interest. One detail that continually seemed to linger was an offensive website that Ben and his friends were forming that only included a list of specific time an actress’s “boobs” were exposed in a film. For some reason, that should have been funny? Okay, so, that was supposed to be humor? I don’t see it!According to the dictionary, humor is defined as “an instance of being or attempting to be comical or amusing.” If that’s the case, then I guess it was “humorous” because the movie was “attempting to be comical.” But as for me, the attempt failed. Mission Impossible! I was neither amused nor entertained. The humor was crude, provocative, and obtrusive. What happened to the “good old” days when you could watch a “good ole” movie that had a great plot, actually funny humor, and an inspiring story? Let’s just take a look at a few good movies that came out this year that should have made the list for best movie!• Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End- Profit: $960,999,404• Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix- Profit: $937,929,353• Spider Man 3- Profit: $890,871,626• Shrek the Third- Profit: $793,839,092• Transformers- Profit: $702,729,768• Ratatouille- Profit: $580,775,884• The Simpson’s Movie- Profit: $524,505,937• 300 (March ’07)- Profit: $456,068,181• The Bourne Ultimatum- Profit: $416,867,071• Die Hard 4: Live Free or Die Hard- Profit: $377,503,307These movies are the top 10 movies of 2007 based on their box office profits. The lowest profiting movie of the bunch was Die Hard 4: Live Free or Die Hard, which brought in $377,503,307; whereas Knocked Up brought in a much smaller profit of $216,490,195. Don’t the numbers speak for themselves? If Knocked Up was such a great movie, wouldn’t it have brought in much more profit? If it was the best movie of the year, wouldn’t it have been at least in the Top 10 list? You decide. If Knocked Up was the best movie of the year, what does that say about our culture? Throughout time, art, including paintings, pottery, and theatre (yes, that means movies), has been a product of its time period’s culture and way of life. So in that case, if Knocked Up reflects our culture, then what does that say about Americans? What does the movie say about our morals, virtues, and ethics? It doesn’t say much. When people think of America, do you want them to associate our culture with this movie? I don’t think so! All together the movie was tacky, tasteless, and cheap!