Tokyo Police Club – Elephant Shell

Tokyo Police Club is a band based out of Ontario, Canada. Though the band delivered to expectant fans with Elephant Shell, they started out with their first EP A Lesson in Crime (Paper Bag Records) that was, in essence, the bleak-beautiful-cynical image of Blade Runner packed into a 16-minute recording. From origami to unicorns, it is a very innocent look at a very bleak existence.

And might I note that the word “innocent” is found on these ears alone. Dave Monk’s voice could very well be Logan 3 as he hides from his impending doom. But the bottom line is the beauty of it.

I make all of these remarks about A Lesson of Crime in the most heartfelt of ways. It’s simply a matter of the upbeat bass-synth sway that populates their earlier recordings.

Following in ALOC’s footsteps, if it’s one thing that their latest album Elephant Shell (Saddle Creek) contains is beauty. The album reflects an attitude of time spent with one’s own issues. The feeling of a well-traveled group of individuals speaks through quite well.

Elephant Shell takes these ideas and puts them in a new and more developed light; simply one of maturity.

Take for instance, “The Harrowing Adventures Of,” a churchy number with handbells. Or “Nursery Academy,” a very tongue-in-cheek number about a pesky someone who just won’t leave you alone.

Elephant Shell shares one striking characteristic with another career-launching album. U.K.-based Bloc Party’s 2005 debut Silent Alarm (Vice) contains similar sonic characteristics, but more importantly, Elephant Shell is a striking debut that will take Tokyo Police Club to places they can’t even imagine.

Here’s your perfect setting for listening to Elephant Shell: Get the album and hop a train ride to wherever. Sit by the window and indulge.

You have your homework assignment. I hope you enjoy.