Annual Spring Carnival

Rain clouds came pouring in around 3 p.m. last Friday when Cullowhee’s annual Spring Carnival was about to take place. Fortunately the light sprinkle was not enough to cancel the rides and activities that the carnival had set up. The rides included The Scat, The Rapid slide, Gyroscope, Taz Spinner, Loop Plane, and the Berry Go-Round. A tie-dye station and climbing wall were also set up for children that came out. “We were really excited to see such a great turn out,” Ryan Jaskot said. Jaskot is on the UC technical crew and helped set up the event and worked the balloon station with tech crew member Michael Rymell. “We were worried about the rain having a huge effect on the carnival, but everything worked out great,” Rymell said. As the rain dried up from the afternoon sun, kids ran around with blue mouths from the cotton candy. Tanner McMullen, 8, lined up with his brother Tyler, 10, to ride The Scat. “I don’t know about this one,” McMullen said. “Looks like it goes really fast!” Fearless kids ran wild though the carnival with excitement. This was definitely a 7-year-old’s dream. Jaskot and Rymell looked forward to working the carnival. “It’s fun to see something different at Western and we know that the kids love it,” Jaskot said. Harrison Powell attended the carnival as a student. “This thing’s awesome, when I saw them setting the carnival up yesterday I couldn’t wait to ride The Scat, it looks nuts!” Powell said.