Congratulations, Here’s to Ten Years

When you step through the lime green door of the Mad Batter, a distinct tasty smell greets you along with the colorful atmosphere of the restaurant. You will also hear the Mad Batter beforeyou smell it, there is always qualitymusic playing at the entrance. The Mad Batter is actually quite the cosmopolitanplace to be on campus. From business suits to dread locks, everyone here can appreciate good food.In this area, there are a handful of restaurants that really try to integrate local organic foods (whenever at all possible) and recycling into their businessand The Mad Batter is definitely one of them. They are located right here on campus between Bob’s and Subway-you can’t miss it. A recycling bin for bottles sits right by the trashcan and instead of using plastic stirring straws uncooked noodles are used. Bring your own coffee cup and coffee is just $1-tax included. (This also aids in the minimizationof trash.) Speaking of coffee, they can do all the traditional espressoCongratulations, Here’s to Ten Years! drinks, and usually have at least five different kinds of coffee from different places all over the world at their well equipped self-serve drink station.The Mad Batter is known around campus by student and professor alike, for its vibrant yet relaxed ambiance and flavorful dishes. The dough is downrightimpressive, and its ingredients are local and organic.”The bread is a good example of how easy good food is when you use fresh quality ingredients,” owner and baker Jeanette Evans said.At this bakery and coffee shop you will find a nice variety of health conscious foods. The menu has many creative dishes, down to the house salad topped with candied nuts or their homemade hummus. There are original specials planned and prepared daily.The Mad Batter Bakery & Café works to utilize local produce and has been serving Cullowhee nutritious and creative dishes for 10 years. Both the front of the house and the back of the house seem to work fluidly are very friendly.”We only make what we like to eat. Without the love we could not sustainthat energy.” Evans said. The food is affordable and fits the college budget. You can pick up a fresh bagel for $2, and ‘the perfect chocolate cupcake’ is also $2. There are goat cheese sandwiches, breakfast wraps, homemade soups and the list goes on. When I asked Evans what her recent dish of choice was she said ‘Jeannette’s Tabbouleh Salad’. In the Mad Batter’s March Madness competition,the Creamy Tomato Herb ParmesanSoup won and is discounted $1 though the end of the semester.The Mad Batter is open all summerlong from 7am to 9pm, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. The space is open and has a comfortable amount of space. There is a bar and barstools in the picture windows that frame the door that allow seating. There is a glass round community table where you can find newspapers, flyers, and interesting conversations. There is a nice outdoor patio towards the back that provides a very relaxing atmosphere with a small water garden and hanging pots of flowers.If your planning a dinner event, consider The Mad Batter, they can reservethe space for a private party up to about 25 peopleTheMad Batter recently celebrated their 10th anniversary of beingopen in Cullowhee, including one expansion. To celebrate this anniversarya tent went up, the food was made and the entertainment were the Baraka Mundi belly dancers, out of Asheville. So if you have never made it out Featuresthe Mad Batter, go seek a new horizon, they might not have Coke or Pepsi but after all, isn’t that for the best?”If you start from scratch with quality ingredients you don’t have to do a lot of gymnastics to get a good product,” Evan said.