Election Profile: Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton has continued her candidacy for president despite the damage she could potentially do to the Democratic Party chances of electing a presidential candidate in November. However after her decisive win in the Pennsylvania primary on April 22, the stage is set for our own state’s primary on May 6. Clinton stands for ending the war in Iraq starting through the use of phased redeployment within her first days of office. If elected the First Woman President promises to strengthen the middle class by Lowering Taxes for middle-income families, making college accessible and affordable, and strengthening Labor Unions so that trade laws work for all Americans.The question is “Would Hillary be the best choice for president?” Bill Clinton spoke recently at Asheville High School. The former president delivered a powerful, well written speech which touched on such important issues as the pursuit of renewable energy sources, putting an end to the outsourcing of jobs that has de-employed the working class, universal health care, and putting an end to the Iraqi quagmire. Mr. Clinton delivered a clean hopeful speech and refrained from attacking his potential opponent, John McCain. Never once was the Name Barack Obama mentioned either. Mrs. Clinton will have a hard time escaping the shadow of her former president husband and this is a double-edged sword. Bill Clinton did a lot of great things while he was president, and I’m sure his wife would be a very similar leader. Whoever the next President will be, it will have to be someone who can put and end to the “Red State / Blue State” mentality and lead America into the future. America stands at a cross roads and we need a leader who can take us into a future worth living for. Is Hillary the right choice for America? This decision rests with North Carolina on May 6.