Helping Old Cullowhee

The Cullowhee Catwalk 5K Run was planned by Students to increaseawareness of physical fitness and to raise a little money for our town.The 5K, sponsored by the Freshman Leadership Institute; a group of freshmen that are involved in classes,campus events, and service projects,was held at the intramural fields on WCU campus at 4 p.m. Friday, April 25. The Freshman Leadership Institute sponsored the fundraiser for CuRvE, a committee dedicated to the revitalizationof the Cullowhee area.Brandon Ward, a member of the Freshmen Leadership Institute, said that the group decided to create the fundraiser because they wanted to help “raise money for CuRvE.” “All proceeds will go to CuRvE,” Ward said. “Basically, they (CuRvE) want to beautify Old Cullowhee Road, and eventually put in green ways and parks.”Mary Jean Herzog, a committee member, said that the group has a visionfor old Cullowhee road that will preserve its natural beauty and protect the area for future generations to enjoy.”We’re taking it slow, and we hope to one day see Old Cullowhee as it used to be,” Herzog said.Rick Bennett, a committee member, said that the committee is interestedwith cooperating with residents to preserve Old Cullowhee.”These are beautification projects,and home and business owners are improving property values,” Bennett said. “We try to involve a lot of people willing to help.”With the money raised by the Freshmen Leadership Institute, CuRvE is well on its way to its goal of making old Cullowhee road beautiful again.