The Benefits of a Broken System

By Parker MillarNews Editor

Even though Presidential Hopeful John McCain has a net worth of $40.4 million dollars. $24.6 million from “miscellaneous trusts”, $7.4 from family companies, his wife’s retirement plan is worth $2.1, he owns one million in real estate, lives in a $3.9 million dollar house, and has $2.1 million in cash savings. In 2006 McCain’s reported income from his seat in the U.S. Senate was $3.9 billion. All that being said the Arizona Senator still receives Social Security checks which he cashes every month. McCain has repeatedly criticized the Social Security System in this country. “I’m receiving benefits, but the System is Broken.” McCain told observers at a Portsmouth, Ohio town-hall meeting that, “Americans have got to understand that we are paying present-day retirees with the taxes paid by young workers… and that’s a disgrace.” Apparently not enough of a disgrace for senator McCain to refuse the $23,157 ($1,930 per month) he received from Social Security last year. This seems like a small amount of money when compared to the rest of the senator’s mountain of accumulated wealth, so why would he keep it?

According to B.J. Jarrett from the Social Security Administration said that individuals are free to refuse retirement benefits. If the system is broken, and you know it, why are you still going to take the money? If it’s broken, then why not fix it instead of exploiting it? It seems that senator McCain is all talk and no action on the social security issue. Now more than ever this country needs a Leader who can follow through with the promises he make, not a hypocrite like John McCain. Did I mention that the senator’s wife, Cindy, made $6 million last year distributing Budwiser products? She has a net worth of approximately $100 million. The McCains are aristocrats. And like most republicans, they are completely out of touch with the ideals that are important to average American. It’s typical of the republican party to give lip-service to issues like the failing economy and overburdened social welfare programs like social security, but when you look beyond what they say, really all they do is to make profit out of human misery by selling bottled false hope and proceed to rule the poor like kings.