By Jason W. EckardStaff Writer

Pixar has a resume that most film companies could only hope for, release after release each film has brought to life an amazing cast of characters and concepts. Wall-E (Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth Class) is a robot that was created to help clean up a not to distant earth covered in endless miles of trash. Instead of breaking down and becoming what he was designed to fix. 700 years later he’s still doing his job, only now he’s a being with emotions, tastes for finer things (or trash rather) and most of all, a heart of steel. His life seems to be an endless repeat until a spaceship lands and changes everything. With the ship comes EVE a sleek and sassy egg-shaped being searching for any sort of forestation. Where Wall-E shows his age and ware, EVE is pristine, clean and most of all, pretty. It’s love at first sight for Wall-E, and when the spaceship comes to retrieve it’s robot beauty he takes a chance and follow his heart, not knowing of the adventure that waits. Like any Pixar movie, it isn’t what it seems at face value. On one side, it’s a warning of the dangers of consumerism, of laziness and technology. But on the other side, it’s a story of following emotions, of taking chances and simply falling in love. And who better to show these emotions then two robots? In fact it’s EVE and Wall-E who seem to be the most human, as Wall-E explores the new home of mankind he finds everyone literally glued to there technology, forgetting what it means to be alive. There’s a supporting cast of robots that Wall-E meets that just ad to the comedy. From M.O. a tiny robot who’s purpose is to keep the floor clean to the movies antagonist AUTO, the ships autopilot program who is bent on keeping things they way they’ve always been. These character help to flesh out the story and also allows for more kinds of emotions to be shown through the perspective of robots. But at it’s heart, beneath the cautionary tales of waste and laziness. Wall-E is a love story. And a good one, it’s about taking extraordinary chance in order to claim what you desire, or whom rather. It’s about Wall-E not giving up, even when EVE almost melts him with a laser cannon. A multi-level message from adult to kid, Wall-E is a movie is a great and simple movie.