Jackson County Polling Locations

By Paige Carrick

Staff Writer

There are only 63 days left until Election Day. Needless to say it is quickly approaching. A wise voter will scope out the local polling places, as well as find out which polling place would be the ideal location.

If you were permitted a transfer to vote in Jackson County or are voting absentee there are at least five local precincts in which you can cast your vote; Cullowhee, Sylva North and South, Webster and Scotts Creek 1. Scotts Creek is actually divided into three different precincts; Scotts Creek 1 is the closest to campus.

As you go to the polls this November 4, expect to wait in line, especially during the lunch hour and end of day hours. Those will be the times in which most individuals are available to vote. The best time to go to the polls would be during mid-morning or mid-afternoon, but still expect a wait. Bring along that book you have been meaning to crack open, even if it is your homework.

To find out when the polls will open, gain information on absentee voting and voter registration deadlines contact the Jackson County Board of Elections by phone at (828) 586-7538 or (828) 586-4055 ext. 6055.

To locate additional polling places within Jackson County or within any North Carolina County go to www.app.sboe.state.nc.us/pollingplace/

As a courtesy to Western Students, Last Minute Productions has planned to shuttle voters to various polling places within Jackson County. More details will follow in the next issue regarding the exact locations of the shuttle drop-offs.