The Gadfly Says:

By Matt Kirby

Editor of The Gadfly, A Student Media Publication

Q: Mr. Editor of the Gadfly how many homes do you own.

A: I own, I own um, You know, I mean, what do you mean by the word own? Look can we come back that question.

Q: How do you feel about the Russian invasion of Georgia?

A: Hopefully they can do something about the Braves, get them under control or something.

Q: What do you think about Sen. Biden being the VP for Barrack Obama?

A: Did you hear that Brittney Spears has lost weight and has a new diet?

Q: How have you coped with high gas prices this year?

A: Coped? I do not know what you mean, I get like 7 miles to the gallon in my H3 which is pretty good wouldn’t you say?

Q: What about the economy and the housing market? What do you plan to do about it?

A: I did some research on this and what I have concluded is that America should print more money. Just flood the economy with American dollars. With more money out there the value of the dollar would fall BIG TIME! This would make it easier to pay off our debts to foreign countries and stuff if we acted quickly.

Q: Why not run for president?

A: Hey, that is a good idea.