Dr. Carl Mumpower Gives Address At WCU

By Parker Millar

News Editor

The race for your vote is heating up. Dr. Carl Mumpower visited Western Carolina University on September 17 to speak to students about his campaign. Mumpower is running to represent the 11th district in the United States House of Representative.

Mumpower is running in opposition to Incumbent Heath Schuler who spoke on WCU’s campus on September 2. Both events were sponsored by the WCU Political Science Club.

Mumpower’s campaign website listed his 5 Point Promise: 1) Fight waste and corruption persistently and enthusiastically wherever he can find it. 2) Function as an independent Republican who upholds conservative principles while not being obligated to special interests of the Party power structure. 3) Focus on Constituent Services. “I believe that negotiating the hurdles of Washington’s bureaucracy on behalf of those that one serves is among the most important responsibilities of a member of congress,” he writes. 4) Protect the future of our children and grandchildren by doing my utmost to resist deficit spending, reduce our national debt, and illuminate hidden earmarks and other forms of Washington excess. 5) Pursue principles over party, power, personal gain, or popularity. I will concentrate on doing the right thing and hold onto it until I am successful or find a better way.