Regarding my last editorial concerning the WCU Public Relations Department and the Office of the Chancellor, I must make a retraction. Let this be a lesson to you all: be very wary of the automatic spam filter on your e-mail account. Sometimes, this malfunctions and filters out messages that are not spam, but rather are quite important. Like, for example, announcements sent out by the PR department concerning a certain incident. Or if the Chancellor’s Office sends you a message asking what time you’d like to interview the Chancellor about a certain incident.

I sincerely apologize for this technological mix-up. Both departments made due effort to inform the Western Carolinian and to meet and discuss the incident. Whereas I still stand behind my opinion that the quick labeling of the incident as a “prank” was an error in judgement, that they did not communicate with the paper was a technological fault on my end and not on theirs.


Michael O’Shea