Important Start of School Information

Classes Begin: Classes begin on Monday, January 12.


Payment Deadline: The final payment deadline is Monday January 12. You can pay in Bill+Payment through MyCat by electronic check or credit card.


First Day Attendance: Instructors are required to report attendance during the first and second week of the semester.  Instructors have the option to drop students from their rosters who are not in attendance. Students dropped for non attendance are not guaranteed their seat. Many classes have waitlists. If the class fills you may need to choose a different section. Drops for Non-Attendance are entirely at the discretion of the instructor. If it is your intention to drop a class, especially if you want a refund, you must drop the class before the deadline. See last Day to Drop below.


MyCat Navigation Changes: The MyCourses tab no longer appears in MyCat. View your class schedule under Personal Services > Student Services. There is also a new Financial Aid tab under Personal Services (tab).


Online Classes: Online classes are not self paced. Attendance is required. Typically, you must meet with your class “online” and submit work according to the instructor’s schedule. Be sure you sign-in to the course during the first week to avoid the possibility of being dropped by the instructor for non attendance. Instructors usually have a “first assignment” so that they know you are engaged in the class and ready to learn. Unless noted otherwise, January 12 will be the first day you can access online resources for any class. Resources are in WebCat.


Last Day to Drop: The deadline to drop a class is Friday January 16 at 5:00 p.m. There are no refunds after the deadline. Dropping Last Class: After the beginning of the term you may not drop your last class via the web. You must contact the OneStop to have your last class dropped; use your Catamount Mail account if you don’t want to call the OneStop or can’t come by in person. If there is a break in your enrollment you will need to reapply and be readmitted. The deadline to reapply is approximately 60 days prior to the start of the term. 


Withdrawing after Add/Drop Deadline: To withdraw from a class after the Add/Drop deadline you must contact the OneStop. There are no refunds for course withdrawals and courses remain on the transcript with a grade of W.


Waitlists: Your schedule may change if you are on the waitlist for any courses and seats become available. If you are enrolled from the waitlist the information system will send an electronic notification to your Catamount Mail account. If you are part-time you will need to pay promptly to avoid being dropped for non-payment.