Forsyth Renovations: “Back in Business”

January 12, the first day students returned to class from the winter holiday break, the Forsyth building was “Back in Business” after being closed for renovations for the past three semesters. The building was first closed to students in August of 2007.

The University allotted a $5.6 million budget for the upgrade. (The project was initially allotted a $7-8 million budget, but was cut after some upgrades to Stillwell.) Interior work to the building was done in two phases: some things were reconfigured before Christmas and some after.

Renovations included an interior up-fit, reconfiguration of rooms that put the building within ADA, handicap accessibility, and building code regulations. Upgrades to the building were also done with programmatic changes in mind as well. The University has allowed the building to evolve as the curriculum for the College of Business has.

The Forsyth building is also the central hub for all technology on campus. The computer system on the lowest floor of the building was also upgraded, along with the building’s backup emergency generators.

Business classes, which were held in Belk over the interim, have now returned to the new and improved Forsyth.

As construction on campus continues, students can expect to see more shifts in their academic and living environments. Plans for continued construction on campus include the new dining hall, the new residence hall that sits behind the new dining facility, and the construction of a new dorm building on the site that is now Leatherwood. The Health and Gerontology facilities on the west side of campus will also begin renovations in March.