Upcoming Live Music

Friday, February 6th:

South French Broads + Solito @ Guadalupe Café: Asheville-based duo The South French Broads create an eclectic sound combing folk, jazz, blues and funk influences. You can expect to hear driving bass lines, spoken-word vocals and even sound toys. Also performing is the Sylva-based duo Solito, formerly known as “S.” The band combines classic punk with jazz and other experimental sounds. The result is highly danceable rock, usually with a revved-up crowd packed around the stage.

Empty Slate @ O’Malley’s Pub and Grill: Empty Slate is a rock/soul/reggae group hailing from Asheville. The group plays original music alongside covers of classic tunes. You can also find the band at several other venues throughout the region this month.

Saturday, February 7th:

Sleepy Horses + Starter Kits @ Guadalupe Café: Athens-based Sleepy Horses bring their country-rock sound to Sylva. Exemplyifying genres such as shoegaze and “West Texas Folk,” Sleepy Horses are gaining national attention and have been playing big-time gigs such as the Warren Haynes Christmas Jam. Travelling with Sleepy Horses is the Athens-based alternative-pop group, The Starter Kits.

Rafe Hollister @ O’Malley’s Pub and Grill: Rafe Hollister’s blend of southern rock, Americana and blue grass has gained them a big local following. The band’s songs focus on life in Appalachia, and include what they describe as “tales of heartbreak, moonshine, scarecrows and lard.”

Friday, Febuary 13th:

Shiner Miners + U.P.A.S.S @ Guadalupe Café: Local Sylva favorites The Shiner Miners play a special reunion show. The band’s members describe themselves as “degenerate gospel music,” but their sound spans several genres, including punk, folk, country, dance, and reggae. Recently formed Sylva-based U.P.A.S.S. will also play their distinct brand of no-holds-barred punk.

Word of Mouth @ O’Malley’s Pub and Grill: Sylva-based Word of Mouth is a blues-rock jam band who trace their influences to Robert Johnson, Led Zeppelin and the Grateful Dead, amongst others. The band puts on high-energy shows, playing original songs and classic rock covers.