The Box Truck Means Bed

I can imagine that a lot of folks here on campus have sleep problems. Some can never get down that “time to go to bed” time. As for me, I have found that there is a physical object that goes through campus at a specific time that can let you know it’s definitely time to hit the sack.

At almost precisely 3 am every morning, the WCU box truck appears like a screaming banshee in a generally dreary, empty parking lot near you (if you live on campus). The truck is loud, like a monster, and it kind of works like a reverse alarm clock.

One may ask, “what are you doing awake at that hour?” Well the answer is simple. Nothing. There is absolutely nothing to do at that hour. For many like myself, however, watching the occasional car drive by in the dead of night can be somewhat entertaining. Sometimes I will be up at “Oh-my-God” o’clock and ponder things that probably don’t really matter with myself, or with other people if I’m lucky. This is pretty unhealthy, I’m sure, but it’s not like there is much else to occupy my time in this area.

The cardboard recycling truck arrives like clockwork. In front of my residence hall at 3 am, except on weekends. Weekends don’t matter. If I happen to be gazing out the window or outside (I’m outside a lot), I’ll hear the truck from probably a quarter mile away. Large, white and industrial, the smell of diesel fuel pumping out from the exhaust, at 3am, of course.

Sometimes thoughts go rushing through my head like “Recycling!” “I’m glad I don’t have that job…” or “Going Green, Great!” But usually I just grimace and head to the elevator. I head back to my room and realize that I’m only going to get four hours of sleep, max. After this conclusion is drawn, I sometimes think to myself how glad I am that we have a recycling program here. I’m even happier that the collection for cardboard is at 3am. That obnoxiously loud and large truck is a big warning sign to “GO TO BED” and avoids sleeping through the important part of the day.

Thanks Mr. Box truck. I don’t know what I’d do without you.