English and Business Departments Announce Curriculum Changes

Note from the College of Business

Starting this fall there will be significant changes to the BSBA (College of Business) curriculum. If you are a pre-business major (who will be completing 30 hours by the end of this summer) or intend to declare your major in any business discipline, please meet with your advisor as soon as possible and declare your major. Your advisor will be able to tell you how you may be affected by these changes. You can find a comparison of the current “Foundation of Knowledge for Business” and the new “Pre-Core and Core” courses if you go to http://www.wcu.edu/cob and click on the link (Comparison of current Foundation of knowledge….) at the bottom right hand corner.

Note from the College of English

Changes are in the works for English core requirements. English 261, 262, 251, and 252 are being replaced with three surveys, numbered 240, 241, and 242. There have been holdups in the curriculum process, but we expect these changes to be approved shortly. Then we can put them into Banner.

If you need one of the older surveys to complete your major, your advisor will help you choose which of the new courses will best fit your needs, but until the courses can be put into Banner, it will not be possible to register for them. We can let you know when this is ready. Meanwhile, you need to know where they fit in the schedule so you can schedule other courses around them. Here they are: 240.01 will be taught by Dr. Fenton at 9:05 MWF.241.01 will be taught by Dr. Claxton at 2:05 TR.242.01 will be taught by Dr. Wright at 11:15 MWF. New majors coming into the program will also take a one-hour course, English 200, with Dr. Debo.