WC Website Transitions to Special Lady Catamounts Edition

As the Lady Catamounts prepare to face off against Vanderbilt in the first round of the 2009 NCAA Tournament tonight, the Western Carolinian website is prepared to track the WCU women’s basketball team as events occur.

The Western Carolinian will have previews of the game, as well as other news from New Mexico, being posted throughout the day today ahead of the big game.

Following the game, photos will be posted in a scrollable slideshow format and up-to-date reactions from WCU players and coaches will also be posted.

WC Editor-in-Chief Justin Caudell, who is on location in Albuquerque, said the special online edition covering the Lady Catamounts this weekend is a sign of things to come for Western Carolinian readers.

“As the print journalism world is currently transitioning from not only offering a print product, but an online medium with special features, the Western Carolinian is prepared to make the change as well,” said Caudell. “We have a lot of changes in store for our readers in the future, which will include more up-to-date news coverage, podcasts, and video and audio features.

“The coverage of the Lady Catamounts this weekend in New Mexico is a prelude to this exciting change at the Western Carolinian.”