The Eleventh Annual Undergraduate Exposition

191 student presenters and 71 faculty sponsors were featured in the Eleventh Annual Undergraduate Research Expo at Western. Out of the 191 presentations, 41 students were chosen this year to present at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research in Lacrosse, Wisconsin where Western Carolina University tied for fifth in the nation for its number of accepted presentations.

One of the greatest benefits of an exposition is the exposure to all the different majors offered at Western. It’s a time where students can present what they have learned as well as inform others of what they do. Many of Western’s educational departments were featured. Dr. Railsback, the Dean of the Honors College, comments that he was exceptionally pleased with this year’s expo. There were many educational and interesting presentations. After attending the poster session, he particularly noted one presentation dealing with nanotechnology, in which he was not aware students at Western were involved in.

Aside from great presentations, Dr. Railsback was particularly happy with the number of faculty sponsors this year. Students were going out and seeking faculty sponsors on their own, a change that demonstrated how undergraduate research is becoming a part of campus. Overall, he felt the expo was very successful and cannot wait to see what next year’s exposition will offer.